Pony Club Riding Center

Lake Fork Stables is a Pony Club Riding Center! This means our riders can become members of the United States Pony Club and participate in rallies, activities, competitions and ratings. 

What is Pony Club?

A National Organization

Pony Club is similar to 4H and FFA, but offers membership to not only kids, but adults! As a Pony Club Riding Center, you do not have to own your horse, but can use one of our lesson horses. 

Develops Responsibility & Work Ethic

Pony Club helps develop a sense of responsibility. Members move through the Standards of Proficiency, testing their horsemanship and riding skills along the way. Every member starts at the same level using a highly respected curriculum. Over 150,000 equestrians have gotten their start through Pony Club.

Pony Club is For Everyone!

Members of Pony Club have a wide variety of disciplines to choose from – both English and Western!

Members learn about horse care, riding, and progress through the certification levels. They can also participate in events called rallies as well as horse shows. Pony Club is all about teamwork and safety!

Membership Dues

National Dues

$200 Prorate New Member – Joining between 9/1/2021 & 12/31/2021 and all of 2022.

Red River Region Yearly Dues

$40 per year

Lake Fork Stables Local Dues

$50 per year

These dues are in addition to the cost of lessons. Pony Club members will follow a different set of riding lesson rates, which includes additional monthly Pony Club meetings. Lessons will follow the same lesson schedule.

Our monthly meeting will be held at 5pm on the first Saturday of each month.

Don’t take lessons at Lake Fork Stables? No problem! You can bring your own horse/pony and still join our Pony Club. $40 per meeting for haul-ins.


New Member Package – $100

Includes Lake Fork Stables Polo, Lake Fork Stables Jacket, bag, binder, journal, and New Member Starter Kit, which includes all of the Pony Club manuals and materials for new members and safety armband.

Additional Costs

There will be additional costs required for the ratings, rallies, horse shows, clinics, camps and field trips that you choose to participate in. Show travel and trainer costs will be split amongst the team members. 

Students will need to obtain proper riding clothes, boots and their own helmet to participate in Pony Club events. 


Badge Program

All Lake Fork Stables students will have the opportunity to earn badges to show that they have mastered the skills in various aspects of horsemanship and riding. 

The program offers 10 badges in horse management skills and riding skills (mounted and unmounted) such as grooming, feeding, horse parts, tack boots and bandages.

Students will work through the horse management and riding skills workbooks and will be awarded badges upon completion of each badge.

Pony Club Lesson Rates

Fall Session 

August 1st – December 19th, 2021 – 18 Weeks

No lessons the week of Thanksgiving & 1 week Audrey vacation

$900 to be paid in full August 1st or $180 on the 1st of each month

Winter Session – Focus on Horsemanship

December 27th, 2021 – March 12th, 2022 – 11 weeks

No lessons the week of Christmas

$520 to be paid in full on the 27th or $260 on Dec. 27th & March 1st

Spring Session

March 21st – June 5th, 2022 – 11 weeks

$520 to be paid in full on the 27th or $260 on Dec. 27th & March 1st

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We are more than happy to meet with you and discuss your Pony Club goals!

(903) 366-3052